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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau

30 December 2021 08:44:36 AM

We join the entire country in celebrating the life and works of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. We honor his legacy of patriotism, bravery, passion and excellence. His courage in working for the betterment of his nation and countrymen, despite all odds, is a virtue that is worth-emulating by today’s Filipinos, especially the youth.

Along with his other remarkable advocacies, Rizal was known for his passion for educating and empowering the youth, whom he described as “the hope of our Motherland.” He had a strong faith in younger generations and their power to make a difference in society. This still holds true to this day.

In five months’ time, the country will be choosing its new set of national and local leaders in the May 2022 general elections, where young people have the potential power to influence the country’s future due to their numbers. According to data released by the Commission on Elections in November, of the projected almost 67 million eligible voters nearly 52 percent belong to the 18-40 age brackets.

It is our fervent hope that Rizal’s ideals and teachings would inspire and influence the youth of today to play an active role in shaping our political and social life by choosing the right leaders in the upcoming elections.

We wish everyone a meaningful celebration. #