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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau

24 December 2021 02:39:14 PM

For the second consecutive year, we are celebrating the Christmas season as the health crisis continues its grip on the world. However, we join the wave of optimism that this year’s celebration will be better than last year as we now have the vaccines which are crucial in the battle against COVID-19.

With most people vaccinated and infection rates dropping, we are now enjoying more relaxed economic and social restrictions. The economy is starting to pick up, and it is our hope that these positive developments will continue until we finally reach the end of this devastating public health crisis.

The 18th Congress is proud to have facilitated the fast and efficient rollout of the life-saving vaccines with the enactment of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program Act of 2021. We have also approved a national budget that will bolster our pandemic response and economic recovery in 2022.

Rest assured that we in the House of Representatives will remain steadfast and resolute in enacting vital pieces of legislation that will help the country navigate through and emerge stronger from this pandemic.

As we celebrate the merriest season of the year, let us not forget to offer prayers and assistance to the victims of Super Typhoon Odette. It is quite unfortunate and heartbreaking that Odette—one of the strongest storms to hit the Philippines in recent years—barreled through the archipelago and left massive devastation just a week before Christmas. Let us help the typhoon victims in whatever way we can as they try to recover and rebuild their lives.

On behalf of your House of the People, we wish everyone a safe, joyous and blessed holiday season!