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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau



11 July 2022 02:30:32 PM

As part of their Executive Course on Legislation, the third batch of incoming House Members in the 19th Congress on Monday were given a lecture on “Public Policy and Policymaking” by University of the Philippines–National College of Public Administration and Governance (UP-NCPAG) Associate Professor and Dean Dan Saguil. He defined public policies as guidelines that direct the decisions of actors mostly in government. He said the systems of implementing public policies are:1) bottom up, wherein the actors at the lower levels are given the opportunities to make decisions about the implementation of the public policies; and 2) top down, the purpose of which is to make the implementors completely control the implementation process. Prof. Saguil also said that a policy can be presented by different instruments such as laws, ordinances, memos, and orders, among others. Meanwhile, he referred to policymaking as the ability, experience, skill, training, vision and knowledge on how to create a public policy. The three-day executive course aims to orient the incoming House Members on their role and function as lawmakers. It was organized by the House of Representatives Office of the Secretary-General, in partnership with the UP-NCPAG Center for Policy and Executive Development (CPED).