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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau



12 January 2022 08:25:57 PM

The House of Representatives under the leadership of House Speaker Lord Allan Velasco on Wednesday resumed its COVID-19 vaccine booster drive-thru program. The vaccination drive is intended to protect House Members, Secretariat officials and employees, as well as congressional staff, from COVID-19, especially amid the recent surge of Omicron variant cases. Today’s vaccination drive was led by newly-designated HRep Medical and Dental Service Director Dr. Jose Bautista, a retired Police Colonel. He is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas College of Medicine and Surgery and specializes in General Surgery and cancer treatment. Bautista enjoined everyone to participate in the resumption of the CongVax booster vaccination. With the Omicron variant being highly contagious, Bautista said HRep employees should not be afraid to come to the North Steel Second Level Parking, the drive thru vaccination site, as the area is not enclosed. “They should not be afraid of coming here because we only hold the vaccination in a place that is uncrowded and with open air so there’s less chance of transmitting this contagiousness,” Bautista said. Because of the surge of COVID-19 cases, he said, people must protect themselves and get their booster shots. “You have to do it because of this surge. Although they say it doesn’t kill you, but just the same thing, who wants to get sick? You are better off when you are boostered than when you are not. That’s a scientific truth that we should all abide by. So get your boosters done as soon as possible if not here in your LGUs, or wherever you can have it done,” he added. He said the resumption of the CongVax booster vaccination is important to control the surge and help protect those who have yet to get their booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccine. As for the safety of the medical team, he said the team members observe the usual health protocols such wearing protective gears and face mask, hand washing, social distancing and using face shields again. He said 150 House employees were expected today to receive their booster shots. 168 were actually vaccinated.