06-December-2021 to 09-December-2021

Updated as of: 18-January-2022, 03:40:11 PM

08:30 AM

Virtual Meeting via Zoom (To be livestreamed on the official Facebook page of the HRep) Briefing by concerned government agencies on the status of implementation of the following tax laws passed in the 18th Congress:

• RA 11346 - Increasing the excise tax on tobacco products, imposing excise tax on heated tobacco products and vapor products, increasing the penalties for violations of provisions on articles subject to excise tax, and earmarking a portion of the total excise tax collection from sugar-sweetened beverages, alcohol, tobacco, heated tobacco, and vapor products for Universal Health Care
• RA 11467 - Increasing the excise tax on alcohol products, electronic cigarettes, and heated tobacco products

• RA 11534 - Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives for Enterprises Act (CREATE);

• RA 11569 - Extending the estate tax amnesty, amending Section 6 of RA 11213, otherwise known as the Tax Amnesty Act

• RA 11590 - Taxing Philippine offshore gaming operations, amending for the purpose Sections 22, 26, 27, 28, 106, 108, and adding new Sections 125-A and 288(G) of RA 8424, as amended, otherwise known as the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997

Briefing by the Committee Chair on the suggested priority legislative measures for the 19th Congress
11:00 AM

Virtual meeting via Cisco Webex Conference Committee meeting on the disagreeing provisions of HB 10153 – Appropriating funds for the operation of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines from January 1 to December 31, 2022 (Rep. Eric Go Yap)
09:30 AM

Virtual Meeting via Zoom (To be livestreamed on the official Facebook page of the HRep) HBs 666, 2501, 5079 & 6198 – Mandating 14th month pay for all employees in the government and private sector regardless of status of employment (Reps. Ron Salo, Jose Christopher Belmonte, John Marvin ‘Yul Servo’ Nieto, and Eric Go Yap)

HB 9962 – Recognizing the role of the members of the Career Executive Service (CES) in effectively upholding, pursuing, and maintaining good governance and accountability in public service by granting them salaries, special allowances, retirement benefits, and privileges commensurate to their CES ranks, appropriating funds therefor (Rep. Paolo Duterte)
09:30 AM

Virtual Meeting via Zoom (To be livestreamed on the official Facebook pages of the HRep and Baguio City Rep. Mark O. Go) HB 9804 – Establishing a veterinary hospital in the Southern Luzon State University Campus in the Municipality of Catanauan, Province of Quezon and appropriating funds therefor (Rep. David 'Jay-Jay' Suarez)

HB 10203 – Establishing a college of veterinary medicine in Bicol University in the City of Ligao, Province of Albay to be known as the Bicol University College of Veterinary Medicine and appropriating funds therefor (Rep. Fernando Cabredo)

HR 1953 – Investigation into the death of Philippine Merchant Marine Academy Cadet 4th Class Jonash Bondoc under questionable circumstances in the premises of the Academy and the initiation and training policies, practices, processes, and traditions officially or unofficially observed among officials and/or cadets therein (Rep. Lawrence ‘Law’ Fortun)
09:30 AM

Virtual Meeting via Zoom Legislators' Forum on Law and Religion, with the theme: “Finding Collaborative Measures in Support of Freedom of Religion or Belief"
10:00 AM

Virtual Meeting via Zoom (To be livestreamed on the official Facebook page of the HRep) Committee Report and Substitute Bill to HBs 129, 1769, 1924, 2012, 2391, 3820, 4135, 4727, 4995 & 6225 – Promoting rural health by providing for an accelerated program for the construction of a potable water supply system in every barangay in the country within three years and appropriating funds therefor (Reps. Manuel Zubiri, Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte, ‘Kuya’ Jose Antonio Sy-Alvarado, Alfred Vargas, Florida 'Rida' Robes, Deputy Speaker Rufus Rodriguez, Reps. Jumel Anthony Espino, Precious Hipolito Castelo, Tyrone Agabas, and Alfred De Los Santos)

Committee Reports and Substitute Bills to HBs 282, 283, 590-592, 2524-2530, 3605, 4029-4033, 4037, 6164, 6581-6584, 8250, 8655, 8732 & 9032-9037 – Converting provincial roads into national roads in certain parts of the country and appropriating funds therefor (Reps. Antonio ‘Tonypet’ Albano, Allen Jesse Mangaoang, Lianda Bolilia, Tyrone Agabas, Alan ‘Aldu’ Dujali, Eleandro Jesus Madrona, Deputy Speaker Henry Oaminal, Rep. Kristine Singson-Meehan, and Deputy Speaker Evelina Escudero)

HB 3683 – Mandating the Department of Public Works and Highways to prioritize the construction of the necessary infrastructure to ensure the accessibility of all tourism sites in the country and appropriating funds therefor (Rep. Jake Vincent Villa)
• For consolidation with HB 7145 or the Tourism Sites Accessibility Act

HB 10158 – Amending PD 1096, otherwise known as the National Building Code (by ensuring that the practice of electronics engineering is embodied in the law) (Deputy Speaker Rufus Rodriguez)
• For consolidation with the Substitute Bill on the Philippine Building Act of 2020

HB 1697 – Requiring new commercial, institutional, and residential infrastructure projects in Metro Manila and major cities in the Philippines to install rainwater retention facilities, and imposing penal provisions in case of violations (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)

HB 3327 – Requiring all government building construction to have rain harvesting facility (Rep. Joy Myra Tambunting)

HB 3558 – Granting incentives for commercial and industrial establishments, and developers who will incorporate rainwater harvesting technology in their businesses (Rep. Gavini ‘Apol’ Pancho)

HB 4445 – Creating the National Rainwater Harvesting Board under the Office of the President for the purpose of promotion, development, and utilization of rainwater harvesting technology as a measure to mitigate the effects brought about by climate change and extreme weather phenomena like super typhoons and the El Niño that are the causes of downstream flooding, severe drought and other problems on fresh water (Deputy Speaker Deogracias Victor ‘DV’ Savellano)

HB 4818 – Requiring all new subdivisions, condominium communities, malls, government institutions, central business districts, and information technology parks in the Philippines to construct rain harvesting facility (Rep. Romeo Momo)

HB 5461 – Institutionalizing a rainwater harvesting system for the whole Philippines (Deputy Speaker Deogracias Victor ‘DV’ Savellano)

HB 6741 – Mandating the establishment and maintenance of a rainwater harvesting facility in all new institutional, commercial, and residential development projects in Metro Manila (Rep. Manuel Cabochan III)

HB 6777 - Mandating the establishment and maintenance of a rainwater harvesting facility in all new institutional, commercial, and residential development projects nationwide (Rep. Angelo Marcos Barba)

HB 2381 - Institutionalizing a rainwater harvesting system in the City of San Jose Del Monte, Province of Bulacan and appropriating funds therefor (Rep. Florida 'Rida' Robes)

HB 913 – Converting the Sindalan−Anao Provincial Road connecting the town of Mexico to the City of San Fernando in the Province of Pampanga into a national road, and appropriating funds therefor (Rep. Aurelio ‘Dong’ Gonzales Jr.)

HB 6065 – Mandating the construction of Panaon Island Circumferential Road in the Province of Southern Leyte (Rep. Roger Mercado)

HB 8378 – Converting the provincial road from the national highway, passing through Barangay Pao in the Municipality of Manaoag, Province of Pangasinan leading to Barangay Poblacion in the Municipality of Pozorrubio, Province of Pangasinan, into a national road and appropriating funds thereof (Rep. Christopher V.P. De Venecia)
10:00 AM

Virtual Meeting via Zoom • Measures enacting/amending special laws

HB 2070 – Exempting church ministers, priests, rabbis, and imams from securing government license to solemnize marriage, further amending EO 209 (Family Code of the Philippines), Act No. 3815, as amended, (Revised Penal Code), Act No. 3753 (Law on Registry of Civil Status), and National Statistics Office Administrative Order No. 1, series of 2021 (Amendments on the implementing rules and regulations governing the registration of authority to solemnize marriage with the Civil Registrar General of bishops, heads/founders of religions and religious sects, priests, rabbis, imams, religious ministers, tribal heads/leaders/chieftains, community elders, and other designated authorities) (Deputy Speaker Bienvenido Abante Jr.)

HBs 9897 & 9928 – Increasing the validity of authorization to solemnize marriage of priests, ministers, or rabbis from three to five years, amending for the purpose RA 6514 or the law providing that the authorization to solemnize marriage issued to priests, ministers, or rabbis shall be valid for a period of three years (Reps. Eric Go Yap and Mark Go)

HB 657 – Declaring any presidential nominee who has been bypassed by the Commission on Appointments to be ineligible for reappointment by the President (Rep. Francis Gerald Aguinaldo Abaya)

HB 1097 – Providing for a system of recognition of churches, sects, religious groups or organizations in the Philippines (Rep. Ron Salo)

HB 1203 – Amending RA 8485, otherwise known as the Animal Welfare Act of 1998 (by imposing penalties on those who abandon their pets or those who allow their animals to run wild and by establishing programs which promote animal welfare in every city and municipality throughout the country) (Rep. Juan Miguel Macapagal Arroyo)

HB 2305 – Criminalizing reckless driving and providing penalties for the commission thereof (Rep. Precious Hipolito Castelo)

HB 2931 – Increasing the penalty for the crime of carnapping, amending for the purpose Section 14 of RA 6539, otherwise known as Anti-Carnapping Act of 1972 (Rep. Precious Hipolito Castelo)

HB 8412 – Requiring the immediate return of carnapped vehicles to the lawful owners thereof, amending for the purpose RA 6539 (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)

HBs 5032 & 10214 – Rationalizing holidays and special days, amending for the purpose Section 26, Chapter 7, Book 1 of EO 292, otherwise known as the Administrative Code of the Philippines, as amended (Reps. Joey Sarte Salceda and Junie Cua)

HB 5444 – Granting benefits and privileges to former Presidents, Vice Presidents of the Philippines or their surviving spouses, amending for this purpose RA 5059 or the law granting life pension and franking privilege to former Presidents of the Philippines, repealing RA 2087 or the law granting life pension and franking privilege to widows of former Presidents of the Philippines (Rep. John Marvin ‘Yul Servo’ Nieto)

HB 7458 – Declaring March 16, 2021 a special non-working holiday in the entire country in commemoration of the Quincentennial Anniversary of Ferdinand Magellan's foray on Philippine soil and the founding of Christianity in the country (Rep. Rodrigo Abellanosa)

HBs 8279 & 8448 – Repealing PD 1563, otherwise known as the Anti-Mendicancy Law of 1978 (Reps. Joseph Argel Cabatbat and Joy Myra Tambunting)

HB 8288 – Amending RA 10586, otherwise known as the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013 (by providing sufficient manpower complement to effectively implement the law) (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)

HB 8371 – Rationalizing the law against gambling and/or betting by providing stiffer penalties, forfeiture and confiscation provisions and establishing a prima facie presumption for violations thereof, amending for these purposes PD 1602 or the law prescribing stiffer penalties on illegal gambling (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)

• Measures amending the Family Code

HB 4054 – Amending Title IV, Chapter 1, Articles 74, 75, 76 and 77 of RA 8533, or the law amending Title I, Chapter 3, Article 39 of EO 209 (by amending the old and obsolete provisions of the law, particularly the property relations between husband and wife, to conform to the changing demands of the time) (Deputy Speaker Arnolfo ‘Arnie’ Teves Jr.)

HB 4833 – Amending EO 209, on the property relations between husband and wife, and on support (by protecting the spouse from unjust and unfair situation under the regime of absolute community) (Deputy Speaker Bienvenido Abante Jr.)

• Measures amending the Revised Penal Code

HB 6273 – Amending Article 315 of Act No. 3815, to include willful non-payment of correctly imposed public transportation fees as a mode of committing estafa (Rep. Eric Go Yap)

HB 8176 – Amending Articles 266-A, 333, 334, 337, 338, 342, 343, 349, 350 and 351 of Act No. 3815, and RA 8353, otherwise known as the Anti-Rape Law of 1997 (by amending certain provisions of the Revised Penal Code and other penal laws in order to extend with clarity the protection and efficacy of specific provisions of the laws to the lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, queers, and intersex (LGBTQI) and other similar groups that may hereafter exist) (Deputy Speaker Bienvenido Abante Jr.)

HB 8266 – Increasing the value of money and the penalties for malversation of public funds, amending for the purpose Articles 217, 218, 219, 220, 221 and 222 of Act No. 3815 (Rep. Horacio Suansing Jr.)

HB 8542 – Increasing the penalties under Article 217 (Malversation of public funds or property; Presumption of malversation) of Act No. 3815, as amended (Rep. Julienne ‘Jam’ Baronda)

HB 8354 – Amending Article 259 of Act No. 3815, on abortion (by imposing penalties in their maximum and additional penalty of perpetual loss of license to practice their profession by the guilty individuals) (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)

HB 8361 – Prescribing a higher penalty for persons in authority as accessories, who directly cause or order the destruction or concealment of vital evidence for heinous crimes, amending for the purpose Article 19 of Act No. 3815 (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)

HB 8406 – Penalizing any person who induces or causes another to use a fictitious name, or conceals his true name, or usurps the civil status of another person, amending for the purpose Articles 178 and 348 of Act No. 3815 (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)

HB 8517 – Increasing the penalty for infidelity in the custody of prisoners, amending for the purpose Articles 223 and 224, Chapter 5, Title 7, Book 2 of Act No. 3815, as amended (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)

HB 8520 – Amending Article 337 of Act No. 3815, eliminating gender bias in qualified seduction and increasing the imposable penalty (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)

HBs 8523 & 9232 – Amending Articles 333 and 344, and repealing Article 334 of Act No. 3815, eliminating gender bias in adultery and concubinage (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr. and Deputy Speaker Rufus Rodriguez)

HB 8923 – Repealing Article 247 (Death or Physical injuries inflicted under exceptional circumstances) of Act No. 3815, as amended (Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate)

HB 9092 – Amending Article 245 of Act No. 3815, by renaming the felony to ‘sexual harassment by public officers’ and adding another paragraph to be cited as Paragraph 3 dealing with cases not falling within the coverage of Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the same Article (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)

HB 9116 – Amending Section 48 of Act No. 3815, as amended, to define and penalize the crime of murder committed under extraordinary circumstances (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)

HB 9118 – Amending Article 310 of Act No. 3815, as amended, to increase the penalties in certain instances of qualified theft (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)

HB 9946 – Increasing the penalties for the falsification of medical certificates in times of national health emergencies including but not limited to test results and vaccination cards, amending for this purpose Article 174 of Act No. 3815, as amended (Rep. Joy Myra Tambunting)

HB 10358 – Extending the coverage of the law in kidnapping and penalizing hoax kidnapping, amending for the purpose Article 267 of Act No. 3815, as amended (Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez)

• Measures amending the Civil Code of the Philippines

HB 9090 – Amending Article 1723 of RA 386, otherwise known as the New Civil Code of the Philippines, on the liability of engineers, architects, or contractors arising from non-observance of plans and specifications or the use of materials of inferior quality (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)

HB 9119 – Amending Article 1032 of RA 386, on unworthiness to succeed (by including in the list of people who are disqualified to succeed by reason of unworthiness, parents who induce their sons to lead corrupt or immoral lives) (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)
01:00 PM

Virtual Meeting via Zoom (To be livestreamed on the official Facebook page of the HRep) HR 2210 – Inquiry into the illegal implementation of ‘No Vaccine, No Work’ policies in private establishments and government offices (Rep. Ferdinand Gaite)

HR 2309 – Investigation into the reported illegal implementation of ‘No Vaccine, No Pay’ policies in private establishments (Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate)
01:30 PM

Virtual Meeting via Zoom HB 2340 - Strengthening the Veterinary Quarantine Services of the Bureau of Animal Industry of the Department of Agriculture (Deputy Speaker Evelina Escudero)

HBs 2445, 3374 & 8416 - Strengthening the animal industry and veterinary services in the Philippines (Reps. Luis Raymund 'LRay' Villafuerte Jr., Sharon Garin, and Deputy Speaker Conrado Estrella III)
TRANSPORTATION (Technical Working Group)
10:00 AM

Virtual Meeting via Zoom Technical Working Group meeting on:

HB 317 – Providing open pilotage services in the country, creating a Pilotage Board, enhancing the powers of the Philippine Ports Authority and other port bodies in regulating pilotage services and the conduct of harbor pilots (Rep. Gavini ‘Apol’ Pancho)

HBs 1954 & 5457 – Regulating harbor pilotage services and the conduct of harbor pilots in all ports in the Philippines (Reps. Manuel Cabochan III and Sandro Gonzalez)

HB 8306 – Providing for a regulatory framework for open harbor pilotage in the country (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)
01:30 PM

Virtual Meeting via Zoom (To be livestreamed on the official Facebook page of the HRep) HR 2204 – Inquiry into the proposed implementation of blended and distance learning options, particularly the limited and controlled face-to-face classes for practical exercises in schools (Rep. Alfred Vargas)

HR 2387 – Urging the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Department of Health to consider piloting face-to-face classes in urban centers subject to the conditions set forth under DepEd Memorandum No. 071, series of 2021 or the Preparations for the Pilot Face-to-Face Expansion and Transitioning to New Normal (Rep. Roman Romulo)

HB 911 – Converting the Nabitasan Elementary School in Barangay Nabitasan, District of La Paz, Iloilo City into an integrated school to be known as the Nabitasan Integrated School and appropriating funds therefor (Rep. Julienne ‘Jam’ Baronda)

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