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1. AccountsRomualdez, Yedda Marie K.
2. Agrarian ReformChungalao, Solomon R
3. Agriculture And FoodEnverga, Wilfrido Mark M.
4. AppropriationsCo, Elizaldy S.
5. Aquaculture And Fisheries ResourcesMaraƱon, Alfredo III D.
6. Banks And Financial IntermediariesTieng, Irwin C.
7. Basic Education And CultureRomulo, Roman T.
8. Civil Service And Professional Regulation
9. Climate ChangeChatto, Edgar M.
10. Constitutional AmendmentsRodriguez, Rufus B.
11. Cooperatives DevelopmentBriones, Nicanor B.
12. Dangerous DrugsBarbers, Robert Ace S.
13. Disaster ResilienceEcleo, Alan 1 B.
14. EcologyOuano-Dizon, Emmarie "Lollipop" M.
15. Economic AffairsHaresco, Teodorico Jr. T.
16. Energy
17. Ethics And PrivilegesEspares, Felimon M.
18. Foreign Affairs
19. Games And AmusementsFerrer, Antonio A.
20. Good Government And Public Accountability
21. Government Enterprises And PrivatizationOlivarez, Edwin L.
22. Government ReorganizationFlores, Jonathan Keith T.
23. Health
24. Higher And Technical EducationGo, Mark O.
25. Housing And Urban DevelopmentBenitez, Jose Francisco "Kiko" B. Ph.D.
26. Human Rights
27. Indigenous Cultural Communities And Indigenous PeoplesMangaoang, Allen Jesse C.
28. Information And Communications Technology
29. Inter-parliamentary Relations And DiplomacyLabadlabad, Glona G.
30. JusticeFerrer, Juliet Marie de Leon
31. Labor And EmploymentNograles, Juan Fidel Felipe F.
32. Legislative FranchisesTambunting, Gus S.
33. Local GovernmentGatchalian, Rex
34. Metro Manila DevelopmentValeriano, Rolando M.
35. Micro, Small And Medium Enterprise DevelopmentUnabia, Christian S.
36. Mindanao AffairsBalindong, Yasser Alonto
37. Muslim AffairsDimaporo, Mohamad Khalid Q.
38. National Defense And Security
39. Natural ResourcesBarzaga, Elpidio Jr. F.
40. North Luzon Growth QuadrangleBarba, Angelo Marcos
41. Overseas Workers AffairsSalo, Ron P.
42. People's ParticipationRobes, Florida "Rida" P.
43. Population And Family Relations
44. Poverty Alleviation
45. Public AccountsPaduano, Joseph Stephen "Caraps" S.
46. Public Information
47. Public Order And SafetyFernandez, Dan S.
48. Public Works And HighwaysMomo, Romeo S.
49. Revision Of LawsMaceda, Edward Vera Perez
50. RulesDalipe, Manuel Jose "Mannix" M.
51. Rural DevelopmentKho, Wilton "Tonton" T.
52. Science And TechnologyMarquez, Carlito S.
53. Social Services
54. Suffrage And Electoral ReformsDalog, Maximo Jr. Y.
55. Sustainable Development Goals
56. TourismMadrona. Eleandro Jesus F.
57. Trade And Industry
58. TransportationAcop, Romeo M.
59. Veterans Affairs And Welfare
60. Visayas Development
61. Ways And MeansSalceda, Joey Sarte
62. Welfare Of Children
63. Women And Gender EqualityRoman, Geraldine B.
64. Youth And Sports DevelopmentDy, Faustino Michael Carlos III T.