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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau

Press Statement of Deputy Speaker Art Yap
15 May 2019 09:28:49 AM

Deputy Speaker Art Yap, Gubernatorial candidate for Bohol is asking the Comelec to finish the counting of the last 8 clustered precincts in Bohol from the towns of Tubigon, Sagbayan and Panglao.

“Comelec says that they have a few defective SD cards needed for the transmittal of data to the national level but that reason was given this morning. Comelec Bohol says that the SD cards are coming from Cebu still. But how long does that have to take? Why are they not acting on it with dispatch? Cebu is so near and serviced hourly by fast craft vessels. News is already out that my opponent is running an operation to tamper with the ballots. The Comelec is not helping with what it is doing. Comelec by dragging its feet is showing that it may be complicit to a plan to thwart the people’s vote” Yap said.

The impasse is already entering its third day with the Comelec in Bohol waiting for SD cards to arrive from Cebu tomorrow late afternoon which has led Yap to question the lack of urgency in settling the count.

“Comelec must finish the count and stop entertaining any moves to delay the counting of the provincial level candidates.” according to Yap. “To leave this matter hanging is dangerous for the Comelec. It may lead people to think, as the people are now articulating that an operation is already underway to favor my opponent. “ Yap adds.

Yap called on his fellow Bolanons to guard their ballots and on the Comelec to finish the count by tomorrow morning to prevent any untoward incidents left by the vacuum in resolving this issue.”

SOURCE: Office of Deputy Speaker Arthur Yap