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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau

SGMA moves to help solve water problem
15 March 2019 04:03:34 PM

Former President and now Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo today vowed to help ease the water crisis in the East zone of Metro Manila being serviced by Manila Water.

Speaker Arroyo led the opening of the cross border pipe at the corner of West Avenue corner Bulacan St., in Quezon City today to enable Maynilad Water to give water to Manila Water.

"After we open, it’s gonna flow now to the other side," Speaker Arroyo said.

Maynilad Water President Ramon Fernandez said the cross border pipe is the fastest way to transfer water from West Zone to East Zone. He said the other points will require minor laying unlike the one on Bulacan St. which only needs the opening of the valve.

With the opening, some 10 million liters of water per day will immediately flow to the East Zone.

Speaker Arroyo had earlier held a briefing with MWSS officials to determine the extent of the problem in the East Zone.

Ramon Fernandez, President of Maynilad Water said the opening of the cross border pipe is their way of helping Manila Water to cope with the water problem in its area.

"Ito pong linya na ito Maynilad line na magbibigay po sa Manila Water. Nagkataon lang po na may kaunting surplus sa Maynilad ito itutulong namin sa Manila Water isa lang ito sa initially 5 na location na naidentify namin nagkataon po na ito yung pinakamabilis na mabubuksan parte po ito sa kinommit ng Maynilad na 50MLD na pwede namin ishare sa Manila Water yung iba po andoon sa E. Rodriguez dito sa QC meron pa pong 2 sa West Ave. banda sa may Baler mas malaki nasa boundary ng Parañaque at Taguig," Fernandez said.

The water crisis in the East Zone is due to the increased demand of its consumers which is more than what Manila Water can deliver.

For the part of the House of Representatives, Speaker Arroyo upon the recommendation of QC Rep. Winnie Castelo said the Oversight Committee on Public Utilities will file a resolution on Monday to use the deep wells to ease the crisis.

"Maybe on Monday you can prepare a committee resolution allowing them so that will be part of the interpretation of the law you draft it for us then 7 a.m. we can as a committee resolution," she said.

The House Committee on Metro Manila Development will conduct a hearing on Monday at 7 a.m. to look into the water problem in the East Zone and present solutions to ease the burden of the estimated 1.2 million households in the area.