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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau

Proposed "National Music Competitions For Young Artists Act" passed on final reading
19 February 2019 04:12:07 PM

The House of Representatives unanimously approved on third and final reading with 185 votes, House Bill 8918 which seeks to designate the National Music Competitions For Young Artists (NAMCYA) as the National Youth Development Program for Music.

The bill, principally authored by Rep. Bellaflor Angara-Castillo (Lone District, Aurora), was filed in response to the need to develop and promote Philippine music as an art and a handmaid of cultural development.

The bill declares it is the policy of the State to appropriately recognize, designate and support non-government organizations that have demonstrated pioneering, consistent, and unassailable competence, effectiveness, and success in discovering and developing young musical artists and talents, and the preservation, development and promotion of Philippine music and culture.

In line with this, the proposed “NAMCYA Act” provides for the discovery of outstanding musical talent through nationwide competitions and festivals designed for young Filipino musicians in all forms, styles, and musical traditions in the country.

It also aims to assist in the cultivation, development and advancement of outstanding young Filipino musicians through scholarships, training, performance and other forms of incentives.

The bill also seeks to preserve, develop, and promote Philippine music as an art and as an important component of cultural and social development, and establish a training program for music leaders, experts, and teachers in order to maintain and cultivate the highest standard of musical training for the youth.

The NAMCYA shall strengthen the multicultural fiber of the country by nurturing and developing gifted young musicians and musical ensembles from the cultural communities, preserve and disseminate their musical expressions and traditions.

It shall also encourage and support the creation and performance of works by Filipino composers and making possible their publications and dissemination, and to recognize artistic achievements through awards grants and services.

The NAMCYA shall be entitled to avail of assistance, benefits and privileges from the following government agencies. The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) shall provide financial support, office space, and free use of venue and facilities to NAMCYA-organized competitions, festivals, productions and performances.

Meanwhile, the Department of Education, (DepEd) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) shall assist the NAMCYA in the identification, selection, and training of participants from the different regions of the country.

The DepEd, CHED, including the State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), shall likewise provide free use of their respective venues and facilities for NAMCYA-organized local music competitions and festivals.

As prescribed in the measure, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) shall be authorized to utilize its funds for the training of NAMCYA participants.

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) shall give preference to project proposals from NAMCYA and provide continuous financial and technical support for its competitions, festivals, scholarship assistance, and research activities. It shall ensure the provisions of annual financial assistance to NAMCYA to sustain its role and functions under the Act.

Lastly, the government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) may give donations and grants to the NAMCYA.

Any donations, contributions, bequest and grant which may be made to the NAMCYA to be used actually, directly and exclusively for charitable purposes shall be exempt from donor’s tax and shall be considered as allowable deductions from the gross income of the donor, in accordance with the provisions of the National Internal Revenue Code, as amended.

The NAMCYA shall execute the necessary Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the CCP, NCCA, DepEd, CHED, DILG and other concerned stakeholders, respectively, in accordance with the Act and other existing laws.

The president of the CCP shall, in consultation with the chairperson of the NCCA and heads of other concerned government agencies, formulate the rules regulations that will implement the provisions of the Act.

Other authors of the bill are Reps. Rolando Andaya Jr., Estrellita Suansing, Ramon Durano and Anthony Bravo, among others. | Eddie Galvez