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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau



10 March 2020 07:16:26 AM

The House Committees on Agriculture and Food chaired by Rep. Wilfrido Mark Enverga (1st District, Quezon) and Local Government chaired by Rep. Noel Villanueva (3rd District, Tarlac) were jointly updated on Monday by Agriculture Secretary William Dar on the African Swine Flu (ASF) situation in the country. Dar cited the causes of the spread of the virus such as 1) illegal trade, 2)smuggling and misdeclaration, 3) socio-cutural reasons, 4) ecological factors, 5) inadequate veterinary services in LGUs (rural areas), 6) late reporting, and 7) late response, among others. “It is not a virus issue, but a people issue,” said Dar. Enverga said the government implemented disease control measures, including the President Duterte’s order for the release of an emergency fund, quarantine operations and disease surveillance as well as DA’s implementation of a geographic ASF zoning and management plan, among others.