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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau



02 December 2019 10:15:11 PM

Rep. Eric Go Yap (Party-list, ACT CIS), Chairperson of the Committee on Games and Amusements, on Monday exhorted officials and staff of the House of Representatives to believe in themselves and remain focused on their goals if they want to succeed in life. "Kung gusto nating umasenso, kung gusto nating umunlad ay kaya natin," Yap said during his speech at the House flag raising ceremony. To inspire the House workforce, he narrated his humble beginnings when as a boy, he helped his mother in her longganisa business which taught him the values of hard work and entrepreneurship. Now a lawmaker, Yap said he wants to give back to the people for his great blessings in life through serving and helping the people. He also corrected his previous impression that it is the congressmen who make up Congress since it is really the Secretariat workforce that in reality constitutes Congress. "Kayo po lahat ang bumubuo ng Kongreso, kayo po ang dapat papurihan," he said. Being a lawmaker enabled him to learn how to listen well, especially to the advice of Speaker Alan Peter "CompaƱero" Cayetano, on how to help people. Lastly, he relayed that he and Deputy Speaker Paolo Duterte are truly thankful to and appreciate the members of the House workforce for their years of genuine service to the institution. The Legislative Information Resources Management Department headed by Deputy Secretary General Dr. Edgrado Pangilinan hosted the flag raising ceremony.