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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau



05 June 2019 02:00:30 PM

Former President and now House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo led the tribute to 14 House Secretariat retirees on Tuesday. The Speaker awarded the retirees with plaques and certificates commemorating their years of service. She thanked the retirees for lending their skills and talents to the House of Representatives. She noted that they spent most of their working lives in service of the House as over half of the retirees served the chamber for at least 20 years, while five retirees served for 31 years. Speaker Arroyo said that her parting message for the Secretariat retirees and her reminder to herself as they embark on their new, quieter phase of life is to "savor the opportunity to stop and smell the flowers." The awarding ceremony was also attended by Deputy Secretary General for Administrative Department Dr. Ricardo Roque. It was preceded by a Mass, led by Rev. Antonio Tobias, Bishop of Novaliches, to honor the installation of a tabernacle in the chapel. House Members present were Deputy Speaker Rose Marie "Baby" Arenas, Reps. Ma. Lourdes Aggabao (4th District, Isabela), Ann Hofer (2nd District, Zamboanga Sibugay), Vini Nola Ortega (Party-list, ABONO), and Rosanna Vergara (3rd District, Nueva Ecija). /Caption by Czarina Engracia / Photo by Gilbert Engay / News and Documentation Section-Press and Public Affairs Bureau / House of Representatives of the Philippines