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Hon. Robes, Florida "Rida" P.

Hon. Robes, Florida "Rida" P.
District Representative
San Jose Del Monte City, Lone District

House of Representatives, Quezon City
Rm. N-513
Phone: (632) 931-5001, Local: 7412
Direct: 9314614




1. Civil Service And Professional RegulationJournal #17Vice Chairperson 
2. People ParticipationJournal #12Vice Chairperson 
3. Basic Education And CultureJournal #11Member for the Majority 
4. Foreign AffairsJournal #34Member for the Majority 
5. Games And AmusementsJournal #15Member for the Majority 
6. Government Enterprises And PrivatizationJournal #15Member for the Majority 
7. Housing And Urban DevelopmentJournal #36Member for the Majority 
8. Land UseJournal #15Member for the Majority 
9. Poverty AlleviationJournal #46Member for the Majority 
10. TransportationJournal #12Member for the Majority