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Hon. Bataoil, Leopoldo N.

Hon. Bataoil, Leopoldo N.
District Representative
Pangasinan, 2nd District

House of Representatives, Quezon City
Rm. N-507
Phone: (632) 931-5001, Local: 7406
Direct: 9315964




1. Veterans Affairs And WelfareJournal #6Chairperson 
2. National Defense And SecurityJournal #16Vice Chairperson 
3. Agriculture And FoodJournal #11Member for the Majority 
4. AppropriationsJournal #15Member for the Majority 
5. Dangerous DrugsJournal #151Member for the Majority 
6. Foreign AffairsJournal #15Member for the Majority 
7. Good Government And Public AccountabilityJournal #31Member for the Majority 
8. Natural ResourcesJournal #12Member for the Majority 
9. North Luzon Growth QuadrangleJournal #45Member for the Majority 
10. Peace, Reconciliation And UnityJournal #34Member for the Majority 
11. Public InformationJournal #12Member for the Majority 
12. Public Order And SafetyJournal #46Member for the Majority